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COLE REALTY ASSOCIATES is a commercial real estate company based in Cincinnati, Ohio, specializing in real estate development, property management, construction management and owner representation services. Cole Realty Associates is dedicated to building and maintaining first class properties offering superior locations with prime access and amenities. The company strives to create value and exceed expectations for its tenants, business partners, investors and the local communities it serves.

Do your real estate decisions support your overall business strategy? If you're not sure, Cole Realty Associates can help. In addition to real estate development, property management and owner representation services, the company can provide feasibility studies and assist in leasing and financing negotiations.

Interested in investing in commercial real estate? Call Cole Realty Associates today.


"I think when you deal with Cole Realty Associates; you're going to get a good amount of knowledge. They seem to have their pulse on the market. Again, it gets back down to that knowledge and knowing the market, and knowing what's available and how things happen.

"I cannot imagine a better landlord than Cole Realty Associates. You have responded to every question and request in the timeliest manner imaginable. When I was researching a suitable location for my business I looked at several spaces in the area. There was absolutely no comparison in terms of the type of personal service and attention that you offered. I have never looked back since choosing Cole Realty Associates. I consider it to be the single best business decision that I have made to date."

Jerry Clark
Vice President, Key Blue Prints, Inc.

"It has truly been a delight to work with Cole Realty over the past few years. Steve and Jill's integrity and professionalism are second to none and we would recommend them to any potential future tenants, without question."

John Freeland
General Manager, Green B.E.A.N. Delivery

"Jill and Steve Cole are very dedicated to towards maintaining their commercial properties to the highest standard possible. Their professional service and attentiveness to your every concern set them apart from other commercial corporations. I would highly recommend Cole Realty to anyone interested in leasing commercial space."

Matt Ewer
CEO, Green B.E.A.N. Delivery

"The Coles always put us first and listened to our concerns. Very quick to respond every time we needed them."

Roxi Wolf
Human Resources and Marketing Manager, Kilroy Restaurants/McDonald's

7583 Lakewater Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45242  |  513-300-4623
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